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For many years asbestos has been banned for use in construction and asbestos is universally accepted as being carcinogenic. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are caused by exposure to it – fatal cancers that damage lining of the lungs along with a host of other fatal, lung-related medical conditions. The EPA requires you to have asbestos clearance in your building if your building is more than twenty years old.

All Asbestos Removal Melbourne is a well-known and highly effective asbestos removal company operating in Melbourne. We have been serving the metropolitan areas of Melbourne for more than ten years now. We are a licensed and certified asbestos removal company. Our workers are highly skilled hardworking personnel, who are serious about their work. Asbestos removal, unlike any other construction work, is much more complex and needs so much more attention. You can’t simply break stuff and clear it with asbestos. Our employees take special care to make sure the removal of asbestos doesn’t agitate the material so much that it loses its fibers. We study the type of asbestos we are removing. We carry specific equipment to do the job right and we are conducting asbestos testing to make sure no asbestos is left after our removal. We also give special attention to special transportation and disposal of the asbestos material.

Asbestos Removal

All Asbestos Removal Melbourne is approved by EPA and WorkSafe Victoria to remove and dispose of asbestos. We have submitted proper documentation such as work experience, proof identity, proof of safety equipment after which a check was constructed to see our way of work before we were approved by the government. All Asbestos Removal Melbourne has worked very hard to satisfy our customers with easy and headache free work.

However, we never compromise on code compliance. If you have gotten a code violation letter from a local authority for having asbestos in your property, call us. We can help you get an asbestos clearance certificate. It can save you from lots of hassle.

Your health is vitally necessary. Our professionals have the expertise to ensure the operation is done with the utmost possible care. We will eliminate all asbestos without introducing any dangerous carcinogenic fibers into the environment, after careful inspection of the premises and ensuring that all hazardous materials are known. We’ll ensure the whole region is completely decontaminated at the conclusion of the job. Call us when you need a reliable asbestos removal job.

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