Asbestos Testing

Asbestos can become airborne when building materials made with asbestos are broken or demolished without proper safety. Professional air monitoring system can perform asbestos exposure control for asbestos prone zones. Work Safe Victoria has included some specific guidelines in regards to filtration removal methods for airborne asbestos for asbestos clearance.

Air monitoring means airborne asbestos fiber sampling that assesses exposures and the effectiveness of control measures. Air monitoring includes exposure, control and clearance monitoring. At All Asbestos Removal Melbourne we follow all those guidelines.

Air Monitoring Can Required In Many Places Some Of Them Are

During Demolition

Demolition of structures such as old buildings that have a high probability of having asbestos inside will need air monitoring. Air monitoring can determine the presence of asbestos in air long after all the dust has settled down.

In Asbestos Removal Areas

In places where asbestos removal has been just performed, you need to make sure there are no traces of it in the air. These places are more likely to have asbestos because of obvious reasons and air monitoring can help us take the next right step.

In Old Buildings Which Have Asbestos Roofing, Flooring Or Wall Cladding

If your old building had a heavy amount of asbestos as building material, it is best to get an air monitoring to keep the asbestos levels in the air checked before a complete removal is performed.

Asbestos Removal

For construction companies, having asbestos monitoring can help you keep the working condition of employees in check. Long exposure to asbestos can create many complications in the human body. Construction workers are particularly vulnerable to it. Old building remodeling such hospitals, hotels, villas, residences have a higher chance of having asbestos as building material.

Our affordable air monitoring system cb saves you from a lot of trouble. If your employees get diseases like asbestosis and larynx cancer that are associated with asbestos, your company may get a heavy lawsuit.

According to Worksafe Victoria laws even if you are a licensed asbestos remover you need an independent asbestos monitoring team to measure the presence of asbestos in the air. All Asbestos Removal Melbourne has all the necessary licensing to carry out the monitoring. WE necessary equipment, experience and authority to do this right. We can perform air testing and inspection at a commercial or residential location. We will take necessary samples from various locations in the property to make sure there is no contamination. An air monitoring program is not always necessary to remove non-friable asbestos material, or during work related to non-friable asbestos, however, it is considered to be a good practice in occupational hygiene. However, air surveillance must be conducted during asbestos-related activity if the person running the company or undertaking is unsure as to whether the asbestos exposure level is likely to be breached.

No matter if you are a homeowner, company owner or an asbestos contractor, if you need reliable asbestos monitoring services we are always here for you.

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