Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has been used as building material for thousands of years now. It’s a naturally occurring, highly resistivity material that has proven to be good for building not so much for the human body. EPA has banned the use of asbestos in most parts of the world including in Melbourne, yet some old builds do contain this material. If your building has asbestos, you might end up suffering from lawsuits. Asbestos has been extensively used as roofing material, floors, cladding, sheets, etc in commercial buildings. If your commercial property contains asbestos is breaking laws, and you are not complying with building codes.

According to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 has strict laws for asbestos in workplace health and safety in Victoria. If your commercial building is found not complying with asbestos codes, you will be given official warning by the authorities. In case of non compliance you may also suffer serious fines and loss of insurance.

Asbestos Removal

All Asbestos Removal Melbourne removes asbestos from commercial buildings. We are licensed by the state to do this job. Our technicians wear proper personal safety equipment before dealing with asbestos. We use safe methods to get rid of the material. We cut, and remove asbestos in such a way that all the asbestos particles do not hang around in the air after removal. Safety of the inhabitants of the building and the safety of our workers are both important for us.

 We have high level training to remove asbestos. If you have already had a code violation due to the presence of asbestos in your building we can help you comply with the code. Our commercial property inspection team will take a tour of your property and remove all the possible asbestos material from it.

We have services in commercial places such as schools, corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc. No matter the type of asbestos you have roof, insulation, floors, building cladding, fences or some other building material, we are efficient in removing it safely. We will test the air for the presence of asbestos to make sure your employees can work in a safe environment. We will also check the soil and water just to be sure there has been no contamination.

We are well versed with all the Managing asbestos in workplaces compliance code and Removing asbestos in workplaces compliance code. We have been doing this work for more than ten years now. We have extensive knowledge and proper licencing and certification. We keep up to date with Occupational Health and Safety Act, and work towards keeping you and your employees safe. We are one of the most sought after commercial asbestos removal in Melbourne. We can do emergency asbestos removal before code enforcement inspectors visit. We can perform safe demolition work, commercial refurbishment and various scales of renovation.

If you need a company that does it all. That takes care of all your asbestos removal requirements All Asbestos Removal Melbourne is the one for you. Call us today for a free quote.

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