Residential Asbestos Removal

Are you worried for your and your family’s health? As homeowners, your family’s health is a priority for most of us. However, if you got to know there is something in your house that can cause serious health injuries, what would you do? Asbestos is a common building material, especially for houses built more than fifteen years ago. Asbestos is easy to recognize. If you are buying an old house check the obvious places first. The insulative material is often made of asbestos. Check the product name of the insulation and google if it contains asbestos. Sheets are often made of asbestos, you can identify by matching it with google images. Some common areas asbestos can be found are floors, ceiling and walls. If you are not sure your household has asbestos or not, call us.

Our inspection team can do a thorough search of your house to determine the presence of asbestos. We can do inspection checks before you are buying a house or before you sell it. Getting an inspection before buying a house can prevent you from investing in a harmful house and doing an inspection before selling your house can help you to identify the asbestos and remove it. The presence of asbestos can prevent you from getting good buyers and you will have to sell your house at low selling price.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos tends to break in small fibrous materials. These particles are so minute that they are invisible to an untrained eye but they can easily be inhaled and lounge in your lungs. Asbestos has been officially termed as a carcinogen. It means, asbestos inhalation can lead to lung cancer along with other types of complications. Removal of asbestos should only be performed by a licensed professional. 

There is nothing more dangerous than trying to remove asbestos by yourself.  You not only put your life in danger with this material, you can’t just dump this material anywhere you want. Asbestos can only be deposed by a licensed family like the one we have. All Asbestos Removal Melbourne has been removing residential asbestos for the people of Melbourne. We can remove asbestos following proper safety guidelines.

We can demolish, remove and restore your asbestos floors, ceilings, walls and roofs. No matter where you have asbestos, we will remove it in such a way that it does the least amount of damage to your property. We understand how troubling removing old asbestos building material can be, that’s why a complete package involves not only safe removal but restoration as well. We will rebuild the broken parts with safe building material so you can safely in your house without a worry. At the end of our asbestos removal your house will be complying with all the building compliance codes regarding asbestos.

If you need a fast and reliable asbestos removal company in your house, look no more. All Asbestos Removal Melbourne has years of experience and a highly able team to do this job just right. Call us on the number given to know free estimates. Or schedule a sight visit with us.

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